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At Matthews Cleaning Co, we tailor our services to suit each business we work with. Our range of services includes:


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Commercial Cleaning Services in Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens businesses can rely on Matthews Cleaning Company for all their commercial cleaning needs. We provide a wide range of services, from daily janitorial tasks to deep-cleaning projects. Our team is qualified and experienced in commercial cleaning, so you can rest assured that your business is in the best hands.

Matthews Cleaning Co provides commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses in the area. We offer:

No matter what type of business you run, we are confident that we can provide high-quality cleaning services. Our team of experienced and professional cleaners will work diligently to clean every nook and cranny of your business. In addition, we offer flexible scheduling options to ensure your business can run smoothly while we are on the premises. Plus, with our easy-to-use online checklist system, you can easily add, skip, and track services.

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Window Cleaning in Tea Gardens

People underestimate the importance of a clean window, but it can make all the difference to your business. A clean window will let in more natural light, making the space feel brighter and more inviting. It will also give customers an excellent first impression of your business.

That’s why Matthews Cleaning Co offers a comprehensive window cleaning service in Tea Gardens. We will clean the outside and inside of your windows and the frames and ledges. Plus, we can also clean signs, awnings, and solar panels.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is a process that uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and more build-up from surfaces. This type of cleaning is very effective at removing tough stains and markings. Over time, even the most well-maintained building will show wear and tear. That’s why it’s crucial to have a professional pressure cleaning company like Matthews Cleaning Co on your side.

We offer Tea Gardens pressure cleaning services for businesses of all types. From office buildings and retail stores to restaurants and hotels, we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right. We’ll ensure your building is spotless, from the sidewalks to the gutters.

Power Scrubbing

Power scrubbing is a powerful cleaning method that uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and other surface debris. Matthews Cleaning Co offers power scrubbing services in Tea Gardens that can clean even the most stubborn grime. Power scrubbing effectively cleans various surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, patios and decks.

Our highly skilled team will take the time to clean even the hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that your business is spotless.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean your business’s exterior. Matthews Cleaning Co has utilised pressure washing in Tea Gardens for years, and our team is highly skilled in this cleaning method.

Pressure washing can remove dirt, grime, mould and mildew from various surfaces, including brick, concrete, stone and wood. Not only does it remove dirt, but it also helps to prevent future build-up and doesn’t cause any damage. If you’re looking for a thorough cleaning for your business, pressure washing is the way to go.

Power Sweeping

Power sweeping is an effective and efficient way to clean up large areas of debris. Unlike traditional broom sweeping, power sweeping uses a motorised brush to quickly and easily collect debris. This makes it ideal for clearing leaves, sticks, and other debris from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

Matthews Cleaning Co has the equipment and experience to handle any size power sweeping job. We can even do power sweeping in hard-to-reach areas. Contact us today to learn more.